Lego Bricks, Railway Tracks, and Paper Swans (Building Blocks From The Functional World)

Friday, September 27 @ 10:00

Sometimes it feels like Functional Programmers speak in a different language. They use complicated words, arcane math terms, and it isn't immediately obvious why any of what they talk about matters for day-to-day work. Here's a talk that tries to address that, and show how FP concepts apply to "normal" programming.

In this talk, John will walk you through how FP concepts relate to the humble `for` loop, will show you how to use FP building blocks to simplify and strengthen your code, and finally talk about how the art of origami relates to FP. There will be exactly one slide, at the end of the deck, with traditional FP terminology and scary words - just so you can relate the talk to more advanced material presented elsewhere. But otherwise, all jargon used will be familiar to a C#, C++ or Java programmer! That said, this is an intermediate level talk, and quite a few advanced concepts will be disguised in familiar form.

This talk is Bear level

About John Azariah

John Azariah
John has been doing FP in various forms for 3 decades now, actively programs in C# and F#, and plays around with LISP, Haskell and Scala. He promises not to introduce too many groans from the audience with his (they're funny, really) jokes.