Ionide - A OSS Story

Thursday, September 26 @ 9:15

Over the last few years Ionide has become one of the most important projects in F# ecosystem. It's used by thousands of users, listed on official Microsoft webpage about F#, suggested as one of the starting points with F# in the official documentation. And, what's most important, it's loved and supported by the community - either by contributions to source code and documentation, positive comments on the VSCode marketplace or support on Open Collective.

In this talk, I'd like to make a walkthrough Ionide's history - from the lucky chain of events that resulted in Ionide's creation almost 5 years ago, through the difficult process of making Ionide serious IDE, to working on it full time. And talk about its future...

It's also my personal story - about young and naive software developer creating his first OSS project, about his growth as a developer and as a person, about burn out and stress, about both positive and negative aspects of maintaining popular OSS project.

Saturn, the "S" in SAFE

Friday, September 27 @ 9:00

An introductory hands-on dojo to learn how to develop full stack web applications in F#, with an emphasis on Saturn for the back-end.

About Krzysztof Cieslak

Krzysztof Cieslak

Krzysztof is a software developer, consultant, founder of Lambda Factory. He's author of Ionide, Forge, Fornax, Saturn project owner and maintainer of VSCode-Elm and contributor to many OSS projects. Krzysztof is also an international speaker, that tries to convince developers around the world that OSS and FP are good, pragmatic choices for writing software.