Let’s build a PWA with Fable! Because you just need another acronym in your toolbox

Wed 26th - 09:00 AM (Workshop)

After creating your shiny website, the next step is to build a mobile application for it. You know creating one for each platform takes a lot of work so you pick a crossplatform solutions: say, Xamarin or React Native. However, these still force you to master mobile development and go through rigid distribution channels (App or Play Store). What if you already have a responsive website and only want to use a few of the mobile features and just “look like” another native app? Can you imagine users installing your app just by visiting your web and using it offline right afterwards? Yes, it’s possible and it’s called Progressive Web Apps!

Fable got a new major release and you won’t believe what happened next

Fri 28th - 03:00 PM (Talk)

Fable 2 is coming and I want to talk to you about it: what benefits if brings to Fable projects, the performance improvements and how it can be used to better interact with JS tooling and libraries. I will also share with you the process of rewriting the code for this new major version, how it is to work with so many wonderful contributors and the lessons learned that hopefully can be applied to other projects as well. And we’ll end listing some productivity tricks to put your Fable projects in production in shorter time and with fewer bugs.

About Alfonso Garcia-Caro

Alfonso Garcia Caro
A linguist by heart and a programmer by choice, Alfonso has brought his passion for natural languages to the computing world. He is the creator of Fable, a popular F# to JS compiler, and coauthor of the book "Mastering F#". He currently works as a freelancer specialized in Azure-based cloud and web applications using F# and Fable for high productive and reliable software development.