Functional Event Sourcing

Wed 26th - 09:00 AM (Workshop)

Storing history rather than current state, Event Sourcing is a radical technic to implement efficiently Domain Driven Design. But many stop before even trying, convinced of the difficulty to implement it.

The workshop will teach how to implement Event Sourcing. The functional approach leads to a simple, clear and production ready solution, and uncluttered domain code!

Ukulele Tabs in F#

Thu 27th - 10:10 AM (Talk)

A Fun(ctional) music DSL - Domain Specific Languages - to compute Ukulele tabs from chords: Share the chords with Jérémie and he will show you where to place your fingers! With IRL ukulele songs.

This hands-on session is Bunny level

Applicatives IRL

Thu 27th - 02:00 PM (Talk)

Monads are all the rage in FP land, but Applicatives, despite lack of love can help and save In Real Life situation. We'll learn to recognize them and use them, then with two example will see how far Applicatives can help.

This hands-on session is Tiger level

About Jérémie Chassaing

Jeremie Chassaing

Jérémie Chassaing has been practicing Domain Driven Design and Continuous Improvement for 10 years as an architect at Availpro, a channel manager for independent hotels, to increase scalability and reliability to match its rapid growth. He's an active member of the F# community. You can also see his blog thinkbeforecoding, a blog dedicated to Domain Driven Design, CQRS and Event Sourcing.