“The Curious Case of Task vs. Async.”

Thu 27th - 02:00 PM (Talk)

In this talk we will explore the nuances of writing components in F# that are used in F# as well as other .NET languages. Specifically we'll look at how asynchronous operations are implemented in .NET in general via TPL or async/await, compared to F# asynchronous workflows. We'll then look at how to expose Task<'a> instances from Async<'a> instances, and when it might be better to favor a Task<'a> implementation in F#. In the cases where using Task is more appropriate we'll look at strategies for doing this while still taking advantage of F#'s expressive syntax.

This hands-on session is Bunny level

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Jeremy Abbott

"Full stack" developer with a passion for functional programming in general, and F# in particular. When I'm not writing or talking about F#, I'm advocating for the LGBT community, playing with my dog, or doing something Pokemon related.