A tale of two languages: F# and Q#

Fri 28th - 02:00 PM (Talk)

Q# is a new language under development at Microsoft Research, specially designed for quantum computing. F# has played a significant role in helping the development of this language, both in terms of tools used and in terms of influencing paradigms in the language.

In this talk, I’ll introduce some of the language features influenced by F#, and talk about the F# tools and concepts used, and finish with some personal notes of how my playing around with F# helped in my contributions to designing the language.

This hands-on session is Bear level

About John Azariah

John Azariah

John is a frequent speaker at conferences on various topics of expertise including on functional programming, cloud computing, computer science and software engineering.

He has over 25 years of experience writing all kinds of software - from packaged applications (Oracle Forms, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project); tools (BrightSword Designer); web sites, web, and cloud applications (MYOB AccountRight, Microsoft Azure Batch).

He currently works for Microsoft Research and leads the compiler effort for the new quantum computing language, Microsoft Q#.