F# Full Stack with SAFE

Wed 26th - 02:00 PM (Workshop)

F# excels at building efficient, scalable and robust web solutions. Web programming is based around receiving a single HTTP request and replying with a result, which maps very well to a stateless, functional approach. Advantages to using F# for web programming include using high level, declarative, composable code, interop with rich .Net ecosystem, and using battle-tested solutions like Kestrel and ASP.NET Core. The introduction of the SAFE stack presents significant productivity gains for .NET developers to build full stack web applications in F# which run on both the server and in the user’s web browser, whilst taking advantage of F#'s functional-first feature set and capabilities, including reduce bug rates and quicker time to market.

In this workshop you'll learn how to write end-to-end applications that run on the server (across Mac, Windows or Linux) and browser using F# for the entire system, effectively use the SAFE stack toolchain including .Net CLI, Fable, and Saturn tooling, and using cutting-edge technologies such as Saturn, Fable and Elmish.

Reinventing MVC pattern for web programming with F#

Fri 28th - 02:00 PM (Talk)

The MVC pattern has been one of the most important architectural patterns for server-side web development - it has been implemented and popularized by frameworks like Ruby On Rail or ASP.NET MVC. However, this pattern was traditionally coupled with object-oriented programming. In the talk, I will show how to reinvent MVC pattern, and structure your web application in a functional language - F#.

The talk will cover some brief introduction to F# - modern functional programming language running on .Net platform, show how to model MVC layers using functional composition, and at the end show some examples of applying MVC pattern with Saturn - opinionated, web development framework for F# which implements the server-side, functional MVC pattern.

Challenges of post-OSS world.

Thu 27th - 03:00 PM (Talk)

OSS has won. After years of convincing people to use open source software, fighting with false dichotomy between OSS and industrial, commercial software, and defending against negative biases, position of OSS is no longer disputed – it's been used by vast majority of companies around the world, it has become default choice when choosing technologies, it powers the internet, our PCs, mobile phones and most devices we use every day, it's been accepted by huge, conservative companies that were against whole concept few years ago.

But were we ready for that? Have we built enough foundations for this new world, or are we just building castle on the sand and another disaster like Heartblead is going to happen? Are assumptions on which we’ve built our mental model about OSS still correct in 2018? And what's the future of OSS ecosystem?

This talk is Bear level

About Krzysztof Cieslak

Krzysztof Cieslak

Krzysztof is a software developer, consultant, founder of Lambda Factory. He's author of Ionide, Forge, Fornax, Saturn project owner and maintainer of VSCode-Elm and contributor to many OSS projects. Krzysztof is also an international speaker, that tries to convince developers around the world that OSS and FP are good, pragmatic choices for writing software.