The challenge and rewards of F# growth

Fri 28th - 04:30 PM (Keynote)

Over the past two years, Microsoft has focused more efforts on growing F# and investing in its tooling and platform support. Doing this while also making sure not to take over the independent spirit of F# has been challenging but rewarding. In this talk, Phillip will talk about how decisions by Microsoft are made, and the challenges encountered in balancing the independent spirit of F# with a desire to grow it alongside Microsoft platforms.

This hands-on session is Bear level

About Phillip Carter

Phillip Carter

Phillip is a PM on the .NET team working on F# tooling, the F# language, F# documentation, Azure Functions tooling, and whatever else his little heart desires. He wishes he had more time to code, but that doesn't stop him from geeking out on all sorts of technical details with people on GitHub. Oh, and he's helping drive the future of .NET and its languages . . . or something like that.