Computation Expressions Deep Dive

Wed 26th - 09:00 AM (Workshop)

If you've long admired F#'s computation expressions (CEs) but never understood what was really required to build one yourself, this workshop is for you. We'll look at different styles of CEs and discuss building new ones from scratch, as well as extending existing CEs. We'll also look at what's required to build CE's that mix wrapper types, such as seq<option<'a>>.

Blazing new trails with Web Assembly

Thu 27th - 11:20 AM (Talk)

Web Assembly has been a more of a mythical creature for the last few years, but with the preview release of ASP.NET Blazor, F# developers can begin writing code to run directly in the browser! We’ll look at the various approaches you can use F# with Blazor, including the Elmish-styled Flatware library and a Fable-React-styled DSL.

This hands-on session is Tiger level

About Ryan Riley

Ryan Riley

Ryan Riley is a programmer for Tachyus building a web platform for oil producers using F# and TypeScript. He also leads the Community for F# and contributes to several open source projects.