Solving Puzzles, Functionally

Fri 28th - 09:00 AM (Hands-on session)

On trains, in classrooms, and in international competitions, the Rubik's Cube has consumed much of our population's time. In this session, we will study this puzzle through the lens of a curious F# developer.

First, we will briefly introduce the history of the puzzle and how human and computer solving capabilities have entertwined, discovering more and more efficient means of solving. After discussing this at a high level, we will model the relevant domain, forming a common language and understanding.

Following our domain modeling, we will iterate through methods of solving, from naive brute-force approaches to heuristic-driven methods that take advantage of multiple processors. Throughout, appropriate and ergonomic user interfaces will be shown and made available for later study, powered by tools like Fable and Elmish.

This is a hands-on lab, and a laptop with F# and your IDE of choice will be instrumental in following along!

About Stachu Korick

Stachu Korick

Formerly an active member of the Rubik's Cube speed-solving community, Stachu loves solving problems and follows the cubing adage "Go Slow and Look Ahead" to the best of his ability.